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Do Movers Take TV off the Wall?

Do Movers Take TV off the Wall?


Moving can be stressful, and one of the challenging aspects is dealing with bulky electronics like televisions. If you have your TV mounted on the wall, you might wonder if movers can handle the removal and transportation of your TV without causing any damage. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of TV wall mounts and the role of professional movers in safely relocating your TV.

Understanding TV Wall Mounts

Types of TV Wall Mounts

Several TV wall mounts are available in the market, including fixed, tilting, full motion, and ceiling mounts. Each type offers different benefits, such as saving space, reducing glare, and achieving optimal viewing angles. Before moving, it’s essential to know which type of mount you have, as it will determine how the TV needs to be handled during the moving process.

Benefits of Wall Mounting TVs

Wall mounting your TV has become popular due to its numerous benefits. It adds a sleek and modern look to your living space and frees up floor space, making the room appear more spacious. Additionally, it reduces the risk of the TV being knocked over or bumped into, enhancing safety, especially in households with children and pets.

The Role of Movers

Services Offered by Professional Movers

Professional movers are trained to handle all household belongings, including electronics such as televisions. They offer comprehensive services, including packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking at the new location. However, the extent of their services might vary from one moving company to another, so it’s crucial to communicate your specific requirements when seeking assistance.

Preparing Your TV for Moving

Before the movers arrive, preparing your TV for the move is essential. This involves disconnecting all cables and accessories, such as gaming consoles and sound systems. If your TV has a detachable base, removing it and packing it separately to avoid any damage during transit is best. Taking these precautions will ensure that your TV is ready to be safely taken off the wall and transported.

Can Movers Take a TV Off the Wall?

Factors to Consider

The feasibility of movers taking your TV off the wall depends on several factors, including the type of wall mount, the size and weight of the TV, and the level of expertise of the movers. Fixed and tilting mounts are relatively easier to handle, while full-motion mounts require more attention due to their added flexibility. If your TV is exceptionally large or heavy, the movers might need additional assistance or specialized equipment to ensure a smooth removal process.

Risks Involved

Being aware of the potential risks of moving a wall-mounted TV is crucial. Mishandling the removal process can damage both the TV and the wall. Scratches, cracks, or shattered screens are common risks, especially if the TV is not adequately secured during transportation. Hiring experienced movers with expertise in handling electronics is essential to minimize these risks.

Tips for Safely Removing a TV from the Wall

Measure the TV and the wall mount carefully to ensure a proper fit in the new location.

Use the right tools and equipment to detach the TV from the wall mount.

Have someone assist you during the removal process to ensure stability and safety.

Pack the TV securely with appropriate padding to prevent any damage during transit.

Label and mark the TV and its accessories to facilitate easy reassembly at the new location.

What to Do If You’re Unsure

If you need more clarification about removing your TV from the wall or if it seems too complicated, it’s best to seek professional help. Many moving companies offer specialized services for handling electronics, and they can ensure that your TV is safely removed, transported, and reassembled in your new home.


Moving a TV off the wall requires careful consideration and planning to avoid any potential damage. While professional movers can handle this task, it’s essential to communicate your requirements and ensure they have experience dealing with electronics. Proper planning and attention to detail are essential for a successful and damage-free relocation.

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