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Best Time To Start Your Move

Best Time To Start Your Move

Best Time To Start Your Move

Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. Planning your move in advance to ensure it goes smoothly is crucial. Knowing when to start your move is critical to allowing enough time for all the steps involved. This article offers tips on the best time to start your move and how to create a timeline. Continue reading to learn more about ensuring the success of your move!

Creating a Moving Timeline

Avoid feeling overwhelmed – create a moving timeline now for a smooth transition! A timeline ensures your move goes as smoothly as possible. Begin by comparing prices for moving services, such as movers, self-storage units, and truck rentals.

After obtaining estimates from multiple sources, create a checklist of all tasks before moving day.
This organization will help ensure nothing is forgotten amidst the chaos. Preparing everything ahead also saves time and money during packing and moving.

Researching Moving Companies

The key to relocating is researching moving companies – check reviews and ask around to find a reliable one. Comparing rates from different companies can help with budgeting while verifying credentials ensures your chosen company is qualified to move your belongings safely and securely.

Review customer reviews online or ask friends and family for recommendations. When researching moving companies, consider insurance coverage, licenses, customer service record, and overall reputation. Obtain estimates from at least three movers before finalizing your choice, allowing a comparison of rates and services.

Start Packing Early

Packing ahead of time can reduce stress when relocating. Smart packing and efficient organization will ensure a smooth process. Preparing your belongings for the move will make you more organized on a moving day, ultimately saving time.

Packing early also allows you to sort through items, determining what’s essential for the move and what can be left behind or donated/sold. This way, your new home will be transparent with the necessary items.

Additionally, early packing lets you label boxes, simplifying unpacking at your new home. Having everything neatly packed in labelled boxes reduces stress on moving days and provides peace of mind knowing everything was prepared.

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Notify Important Parties

Remember to inform essential people about your move! Before the big day, notify family, friends, employers, and other essential parties. Hiring professional movers and securing storage options for items not immediately transported is also crucial. Here is a list of some of the people or organizations you may need to contact:

People/Organizations to notify Description
Family and Friends Notify them about your move so they can update their contact information for you and/or help you with the move if possible.
Employers You should notify your current and future employers about your move. This can ensure the seamless transition of work-related matters such as relocation assistance, final salary, or contract details.
Professional Movers Hire professional movers well in advance of your move to secure your moving date and to allow enough time for proper packing and transporting of your belongings.
Storage Facility If you have items not immediately transported, securing storage options is crucial. This might include renting a storage unit.
Postal Service Don’t forget to update your address with the postal service to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new address.
Banks and Financial Institutions Inform these institutions of your new address so all your financial documents, including cards, statements, etc., reach you without issues.
Insurance Providers You must inform your health, auto, and home insurance providers, or any other insurance about your move.
Utilities Inform utilities (gas, electricity, water, internet, cable, etc.) at your old and new locations to ensure services are stopped at your old home and started at your new one on a moving day.
Health Care Providers Notify your doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers about your move. You might also need to find new providers in your new location.
Schools If you have children, don’t forget to inform their schools and arrange to transfer school records.
Government Agencies Update your address with relevant government agencies (like the DMV, Social Security Administration, etc.).
Subscription Services Update your address for subscription services (like magazines, monthly boxes, etc.) to ensure continued service.

Plan for Moving Day

Prepare for the big day by organizing boxes so each contains items from one room and is labelled accordingly. This organization will simplify unpacking.

Look into secure storage options for extra boxes or furniture during moving. Knowing your belongings are safe can relieve some moving stress. Lastly, prepare snacks and drinks for everyone helping with the move!

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Here was a detailed guide about the Best Time To Start Your Move. Though moving can be stressful, proper planning and preparation can ensure a smooth process. You’ll have everything under control by creating a timeline, researching moving companies, starting to pack early, notifying essential parties, and planning for moving day. Don’t wait any longer – start your move today and enjoy your new home tomorrow!

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