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What To Do When Movers Don’t Show Up

What To Do When Movers Don't Show Up

What To Do When Movers Don’t Show Up


Moving may be both satisfying and stressful.. You’ve packed up all your belongings, coordinated with the movers, and eagerly anticipated settling into your new home. However, things don’t always go as planned. One of the most frustrating scenarios is when the movers don’t show up on the scheduled moving day. In this article, we’ll explore what steps you can take to handle this unfortunate situation and ensure a smooth transition to your new abode.

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

It’s natural to feel upset and stressed when the movers fail to appear. However, the first step is to stay calm and assess the situation. Reach out to the moving company immediately to understand the reason for the delay or no-show. There might be a valid explanation, such as a scheduling mix-up or unforeseen circumstances.

Contact the Moving Company

Pick up the phone and contact the customer service department of the moving company. Clearly explain the situation and inquire about the reasons behind the delay. Maintaining open communication and keeping records of all conversations and emails for future reference is essential.

Check the Contract

Examine the agreement you signed with the moving company. Pay close attention to the terms and conditions, including any clauses related to delays or cancellations. Understanding your rights as a customer will help you make informed decisions moving forward.

Consider Alternative Solutions

While waiting for the moving company to respond, consider alternative solutions to avoid further delays. If the delay is just a few hours, you can wait. However, if the movers don’t show up for an extended period, explore hiring a last-minute moving company or renting a moving truck to transport your belongings.

Take Photos and Document Everything

In case of any damages or losses during the move, it’s crucial to have evidence to support your claim. Before leaving the old property, take photos of all your belongings and document their condition. This documentation will be necessary later on if you need to register a complaint or an insurance claim.

File a Complaint or Review

If the moving company fails to respond or rectify the situation promptly, consider leaving an honest review detailing your experience. This can assist other potential clients in making informed decisions while choosing a moving business. Additionally, file a complaint with relevant consumer protection agencies or the Better Business Bureau.

Protect Yourself with Insurance

If you opted for moving insurance, contact the provider and report the delay or no-show. They will guide you through claiming any damages or losses you might have incurred due to the movers’ negligence.

Seek Legal Advice

If all attempts to resolve the situation fail, consult a legal professional familiar with consumer rights and contract law. They can advise you on the best plan of action to take in order to seek compensation for any damages or losses you have suffered.

Learn from the Experience

Moving day mishaps can be stressful, but they also offer valuable lessons. Reflect on the experience and identify areas where you could have been better prepared or proactive. Use this knowledge to ensure a smoother moving process in the future.


It might be irritating and overwhelming to have movers fail to show up, but maintaining calm and taking the required actions to fix the situation is critical. By communicating with the moving company, documenting everything, exploring alternatives, and protecting yourself with insurance, you can mitigate the impact of such a situation. Remember to always read the fine print in the contract and be prepared for any unexpected challenges that might arise during your move.

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